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DM&DAA runs matches for Over 50s throughout the year, on all our waters. In addition, "away" matches are held on other venues, such as the Middle Level Drain and Head Fen.
See the Gallery page for match pictures. Match rules can be viewed here.

Details of matches to be run are posted on Facebook at least the week before. Matches usuallt take place on Wednesdays.

April 2021:  Matches

 In the continuing COVID age, matches will be announced on the club Facebook page.

May 2018:  Match Calendar for 2018/19

 See below. Download a copy here.

calendar 2018/19

August 2016:  Match Calendar Changes

Unfortunately, due to poor turnout, the Saturday League match (round 3) at the Cuckoo had to be cancelled.

Here are some further changes to the match calendar:

  • Saturday League Sept 1th, Claypit - cancelled
  • Carrington Cup Round 2/Wallington KO Round 2 will now take place on September 4th
  • Carrington Cup Round 3/Rust Trophy will now take place on October 30th

July 2016: Latest Match Report

We’ve had another four matches since the last meeting: two at the Claypit and two at Wallington Hall.

Starting with the Alflat Cup held at the Claypit on Wednesday evening of the 8th June with the winner being D Bellham with 43lb 8oz, second went to S Gilbey with 41lb8oz. Eight anglers fished.

The next match on the 19th, and first to be held at Wallington Hall on Lake 3, was the first round of the Knockout Cup, won by M Ellis with 17lb 13 oz, including three bream of 4lb 2oz, second was S Gilbey with 5lb11 oz. Seven anglers fished.

The third match was the Pairs Shield held at the Claypit on the evening of Wednesday the 22nd. The individual winner was D Bellham with 39lb15oz. The pairs winner was D Berry with a double-up weight of 62lb 8oz, second was D Bellham and J Bourn with a combined weight of 50lb10oz. Seven anglers fished.

 The fourth match, on Saturday the 2nd July at Lake 2, should have been round two of the Saturday League. Unfortunately it had to be cancelled as only M Ellis and two other anglers were able to make it.

Please note – reminder – could anyone wanting to fish matches please call the Match Secretary (07914 495882) to book a place. In future, if an insufficient number of anglers books in for a match it is likely to be cancelled.

June 2016: Latest Match Results

Over Sixties Match Results 2016

 14th April (Dents)

 1. Val Plumb                16lb 2oz

2. Tommy Driscoll       14lb 8oz

3. Terry Russell           14lb 5oz

 28th April (Dents)

 1. Val Plumb                13lb 13.5oz

2. Mick Lester             10lb 3oz

3. Peter Scragg           9lb 15oz

 12th May (Clay Pit)

 1. Pete Bickell             38lb 2oz

2. Val Plumb                28lb 10.5oz

3. Tommy Driscoll       25lb 10oz

 26th May (Head Fen)

 1. Malcolm Plumb      75lb 5oz

2. Mick Lester             34lb 3oz

3. Dave Robinson        29lb 1oz

 9th June (Cross Drove)

 1. Ray Nicholl              19lb 6oz

2. Malcolm Plumb      16lb 15.5oz

3. Pete Bickell             15lb 1.5oz

Latest Match Results

 June 8th Alflatt Cup (Clay Pit)

 1. D Bellham               43lb 8oz

2. S Gilbey                   41lb 8oz

3. M Ellis                     11lb 10oz

 June 19h Wallington K/O Round 1 (Lake 3)

 1. M Ellis                     17lb 13.5oz

2. S Gilbey                   5lb 11.5oz

3. D Berry                    3lb 8.5oz

June 2016: Over 60s Matches for 2016

Here are the Over 60s matches for 2016 (kindly sponsored by  Ches' Tackle, Wisbech) :

 Over 60s

May 2016: Matches for 2016

STOP PRESS - there are a couple of errors in match details in the club book, please use this list:

matches 2016

Download a match list here.

May 2016: Match Prize Money

New for 2016:
  • Millennium cup 100 donated by the club (to qualify all matches in the series needs to be fished. the person with the highest overall points wins)
  •  Carrington cup 50 donated by Outdoor Antics (to qualify 3 out 4 matches in the series needs to be fished. the person with the highest overall points wins)
  • Wednesday night matches 50 donated by Mr. M. Turner (to qualify all five matches need to fished .the person with highest overall points over the five matches wins)

January 2016:  Latest Match Report

We’ve held two further matches since the last report, both at the Clay Pit. The first was the third round of the Carrington Cup and Rust Trophy on the 13th December. The winner on the day and of the Rust Trophy was M.Turner with 17lb; second was S. Roslyn with 16lb1oz. Five anglers fished.

The second match was the fourth round of the Carrington Cup and the Turkey Stakes. The winner on the day was S.Hansed with 31lb 2oz; second was M.Ellis with 25lb15oz. Nine anglers fished. There are joint winners of the Carrington Cup: M.Ellis and D. Berry, both ending up with 47 points each. Congratulations and well fished to both!

January 2016:  Match Reports

Here are the belated match reports for the latter half of 2015:

Carrington Cup Round 1 on lake 2 on the 12th July was won by Simon Gilbey with 11lb; second was Trevor Little with 7lb. Six anglers fished. Also the final round of the Wallington K/O cup was held at the same time with Simon Gilbey taking the overall win. Round 2 was held on the 19th July at the Clay Pit with D. Bellham taking the win with 63lb1oz, second was Joe Bourn with 50lb 2oz.  Nicola Plumb had two lovely double figure carp of 14lb10oz and 13lb13oz to finish third. Eleven angers fished.   

Round 3 of the Saturday league was held at the Cuckoo Drain on the 1st August with Trevor Little winning with 10lb10oz , second was D. Bellham with 4lb11oz . Eleven anglers fished. We were pleased with the turn out on these two matches.
Three further matches were held in August/September. The first was the Millennium Cup round 2 held at St Peter’s Bridge on the 9th August with T.Rook taking the win with 7lb 2oz, second was M.Plumb with 6lb 3.5oz , third S.Gilbey on 5lb12oz. Eight anglers fished. The second match should have been the Bridget Price & Parkin Cup on the 30th but as there were not enough anglers the match had be rescheduled for the 27th of September. The third match run was The Presidents Cup held at Dent’s Fishery on the 6th of September . Twelve anglers fished with N.Plumb taking the win with 49lb 2oz, second S.Gilbey 37lb10oz, third was T.Russell with 35lb6oz.
September saw a further three matches being held.  The first one was the Chapman cup held on the 13th at the Clay Pit, six anglers fished with the overall winner being D. Bellham with 66lb 12oz, second was T. Rook with 31lb8oz. The second one was the 4th and final round of the Saturday league held at the Clay Pit on the 19th . The winner was M. Ellis with 62lb9oz, second was D. Berry with 41lb7oz. Eight anglers fished. The overall winner of the Saturday League was D .Bellham. The third match was the rearranged Bridget Price and Parkin Cup held at the Clay Pit on the 27th with the winner being N.Plumb with 54lb 12oz, second was J Barcock (a new member) with 49lb5oz, he also had a carp of 15lb 4oz - the largest match caught carp so far. Eight angers fished.

October saw rounds 3 and 4 of the Millennium cup and round 3 of the Carrington Cup, along with the Rust Trophy and the Old Bedford Cup.  Round 3 of the Millennium cup was held on Lake 2 with the winner being D. Bellham with 6lb 5.5oz , second was D. Berry with 5lb8oz. Round 3 of the Carrington Cup and Rust Trophy  that should have been on the Littleport club’s section of the river didn’t happen as only three anglers were able to make it. The fourth round of the Millennium Cup and the Old Bedford Cup were moved from the river to lake 2 because of river conditions . The winner and the winner of the Old Bedford Cup was D. Berry with 4lb14.5oz , second was N. Plumb with 3lb12oz. This was enough to give her the overall win in the Millennium Cup with 68 points.

November 2015: Rearranged Match

There will be a match on Lake 2, Wallington Hall, on Sunday November 29th - usual timings apply. 

September 2015: Not Enough Anglers Part Two

The Bridget Price match on August 30th had to be cancelled, not enough anglers turned up. This is a great shame, and also a huge waste  of time and money for the Match Secretary, who has an 80 mile round trip every time he runs a club match. It's been rescheduled for September 27th.

July 2015: Not Enough Anglers

The Saturday League Round 2 match on July 4th had to be cancelled, not enough anglers turned up. This is a great shame, and also a huge waste  of time and money for the Match Secretary, who has an 80 mile round trip every time he runs a club match. So, in future, WILL ALL ANGLERS INTENDING TO FISH A MATCH PLEASE LET THE MATCH SEC KNOW IN ADVANCE - TELEPHONE/TEXT TO 07914495882. Otherwise, matches may be cancelled again at the last minute.

June 2015: Another Change to Match Calendar

Please note, the Over 60s Match on Thursday, July 2nd, has been moved to Trev's Lake, Head Fen.

June 2015: Change to Match Calendar

Please note, the Pairs Match due to take place on June 17th has been re-arranged for July 1st instead. There will be a sweepstake match instead on the 17th, draw as normal, fish 6pm-9pm.

The Clay Pit will be closed on July 1st in readiness for the Pairs Match.

Match Results 2015
[click link on Match name for full results]

Category Match Date Venue 1st 2nd 3rd
Wednesday Night   Jack Woodward Cup May 27th Clay Pit D Berry
(41lb 2oz)
N Plumb
(37lb 2oz)
M Turner
(34lb 4oz)
Wednesday Night   Marchant Shield June 3rd Clay Pit N Plumb
(48lb 12oz)
S Spratt
(33lb 14oz)
M Turner
(33lb dead)
Wednesday Night   Alflatt Cup June 10th Clay Pit D Bellham
(22lb 15oz)
N Plumb
(9lb 7oz)
S Spratt
(7lb 13oz)
Wednesday Night   Les Shreeve Pairs July 1st Clay Pit D Bellham
(37lb 15oz)
M Turner
(29lb 6oz)
S Gilbey
(17lb 5oz)
Wednesday Night  Sweepstake MatchJune 17thClay PitJ Bourn
(23lb 2oz)
C Lynn
(17lb 8oz)
M Ellis
(15lb 3oz)
Wednesday Night   Silverfish Shield June 24th Clay Pit D Bellham
(14lb 8oz)
S Gilbey
(13lb 15oz)
N Plumb
(12lb 12oz)
Saturday League  Round 1 May 9th Clay Pit D Bellham
(135lb 12oz)
G Travers
(32lb 4.5oz)
P Bourne
(29lb 8oz)
Saturday League  Round 2 July 4th Lake 2 NA NA NA
Saturday League  Round 3 August 1st Cuckoo Drain T Little
(10lb 10oz)
D Bellham
(4lb 11oz)
M Plumb
(1lb 13oz)
Saturday League  Round 4 Sept 19th Clay Pit M Ellis
(62lb 9oz)
D Berry
(41lb 7oz)
D Bellham
(36lb 13oz)
Millennium Cup  Round 1 May 17th Clay Pit D Bellham
(60lb 9oz)
G Travers
(27lb 6oz)
D Berry
(25lb 1oz)
Millennium Cup  Round 2 August 9th St Peter's Bridge T Rook
(7lb 2oz)
M Plumb
(6lb 3.5oz)
S Gilbey
(5lb 12oz)
Millennium Cup  Round 3 October 11th Lake 2 D Bellham
(6lb 5.5oz)
D Berry
(5lb 8oz)
N Plumb
Millennium Cup  Round 4 (& Old Bedford Cup) November 1st Littleport D Berry
(4lb 14.5oz)
N Plumb
(3lb 12oz)
S Roslyn
(2lb 10oz)
Carrington Cup   Rnd 1 (& Wallington KO Rnd 2) July 12th Lake 2 S Gilbey
T Little
S Spratt
(6lb 12oz)
Carrington Cup   Round 2 July 19th Clay Pit D Bellham
(63lb 1oz)
J Bourn
(50lb 2oz)
S Gilbey
(47lb 4oz)
Carrington Cup   Round 3 (& Rust Trophy) October 18th Clay Pit M  Turner
S Roslyn
(16lb 1oz)
C Lynns
(7lb 7oz)
Carrington Cup   Round 4 December 13th Clay Pit S Hansed
(31lb 2oz)
M Ellis
(25lb 15oz)
M  Turner
(21lb 1.5oz)
Sunday Matches  Treadfast Shield June 7th Clay Pit S Roslyn
(66lb 14oz)
D Bellham
(40lb 15oz)
P Bourn
(27lb dead)
Sunday Matches  Wallington KO Rnd 1 June 21st Lake 3 S Gilbey
(22lb 7oz)
M Ellis
(12lb 4oz)
D Bellham
(8lb 3oz)
Sunday Matches  Bridget Price Shield & Parkin Cup September27th Clay Pit N Plumb
(54lb 12oz)
J Barcock
(49lb 5oz)
D Bellham
(31lb 4oz)
Sunday Matches  President's Cup September 6th Spinney Dent's N Plumb
(49lb 2oz)
S Gilbey
(37lb 10oz)
T Russell
(35lb 6oz)
Sunday Matches  Chapman Cup September 13th Clay Pit D Bellham
(66lb 12oz)
T Rook
(31lb 8oz)
M Ellis
(26lb 8oz)
Sunday Matches  Turkey Stakes December 20th Clay Pit
Over Sixties  Round 1 April 9th Dent's Shop Lake
Over Sixties  Round 2 April 23rd Dent's Two Island
Over Sixties  Round 3 May 7th Clay Pit
Over Sixties  Round 4 May 21st Head Fen (Trev's)
Over Sixties  Round 5 June 4th Cross Drove
Over Sixties  Round 6 June 18th Lake 2
Over Sixties  Round 7 July 2nd Head Fen (Trev's)
Over Sixties  Round 8 July 16th Lake 1 or 3 (TBA)
Over Sixties  Round 9 July 30th Clay Pit
Over Sixties  Round 10 August 13th St Peter's Bridge
Over Sixties  Round 11 August 27th Lake 2 or 3 (TBA)
Over Sixties  Round 12 September 10th Head Fen (Trev's)
Over Sixties  Round 13 September 24th Cross Drove
Over Sixties  Round 14 October 8th Clay Pit
Over Sixties  Round 15 October 22nd TBA
Over Sixties  Round 16 November 5th Clay Pit

Trophy Winners 2014/15

    Jack Woodard Trophy - Darren Belham
    Marchant Shield - Nicola Plumb
    Silverfish Trophy -
Nicola Plumb
    Alflatt Cup - Darren Belham
    Pairs - Mark Ellis and M Turner
    Saturday League - Trevor Little
    Millennium Cup - Simon Gilbey
    Carrington Cup - Nicola Plumb
    Treadfast Shield - Simon Gilbey
    Wallington Knockout Cup - Simon Gilbey
    Parkin Cup - Darren Belham
    Bridget Price Shield - Darren Belham
    President's Cup - Darren Belham
    Rust Trophy - Nicola Plumb
    Old Bedford Cup - Simon Gilbey
    Chapman Cup - Nicola Plumb
    Highest Match Weight - Darren Belham (132lb 6oz)
    Specimen Fish - Nicola Plumb
    Aggregate Shield - Darren Belham
    Over 60s Summer League - Mick Lester

20015/16 Match Calendar

Please let the Match Secretary(ies) know in advance if you intend to fish a match - it helps in the preparation.

matches 1
matches 2
matches 3

matches 4
matches 5

over 60s

Over 60s matches are kindly sponsored by Ches' Tackle (see Links)

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